Project goals

  • Defining a standardized cost estimate for works
  • Defining general technical conditions
  • Normative development
  • Development of an automated solution for leveling and checking the previous three objectives

Four basic results / outputs foreseen at the end of the project

  • A concise description of standard cost items
  • Defined general technical conditions
  • Proof of applicability of new technologies in the process of standardization (manufacturing methods)
  • Creating a database of norms (material, machine, work) in printed and digital form, which is harmonized with the IFC BIM standard and EU standards
The construction sector is one of the pillars of economic development and has a significant impact on the environment. The construction process consumes large amounts of resources (materials, workers and machinery). In the Republic of Croatia, unlike the most developed countries, there are no modern norms of resources, according to which participants in construction can assess, contract and perform construction works as efficiently as possible. In addition, the currently used standards date from 1986 and are not in line with energy-sustainable construction and related regulations. Therefore, the goal of this project is to develop an innovative technological solution for standardizing construction resources. The solution will be applied to 6 basic professions for green building. The results will be reflected in the published norms.

Total value of the project: HRK 6,292,000.61
Amount of EU co-financing: HRK 5,254,323.37
Project implementation period: 16.12.2020. – 16.12.2023.
Contact person for more information: Ivica Završki, project manager